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Fruit & Vegetable Imports - Exports Larisa

The company "GOUNTARAS" has been operating since 2004 with imports and exports of fruits and vegetables offering top quality products in the Greek market and in selected foreign countries.

Always aiming at the quality and the right service of every customer combined with the best possible market prices, its products are readily available to every consumer and entrepreneur who needs them.

In modern facilities in Larissa, the goods are packaged on the day of harvest and then transported to warehouses in the central market of Greece where they are available on their day of arrival for immediate departure worldwide.



Desiring to always offer the best and freshest fruits and vegetables, before leaving for their final destination, each pallet is subject to quality control.

The primary goal of the company is to provide quality products on the market and to satisfy the customer. For this reason, we have a wide selection of fruits and vegetables that take care of every step of their production.

In addition, all the cooperating producers of the company are specially selected, thus ensuring optimum quality and controlled production as a whole. The purpose of the company is to meet the preferences of all its customers in fruits and vegetables from all over the world.


Throughout the years the company has been active in the fruit and vegetable trade, it has managed to obtain a large clientele in Larissa, all over Greece and abroad, which trusts and recommends it for the combination of excellent quality and competitive prices.

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